Local Woman Receives Probation in Medicaid Fraud Case

PLATTSMOUTH– A Murdock female will be needed to repay more than $18,000 she fraudulently acquired through a Medicaid help program.

Julia Burgess, 55, appeared in Cass County District Court on Monday early morning for a sentencing hearing. She pled guilty in January to one Class I misdemeanor charge of theft by taking-$ 201 to $499. The state had actually initially charged her with a Class IV felony of fraudulently acquiring payment on behalf of a recipient of Medicaid support.

Nebraska Assistant Attorney General Mark Collins informed the court in January that Burgess had actually been working as a personal help companies in the South Bend area from March 2012 to August 2014. She had actually been looking after 2 people who were getting Medicaid payments from the state.

Citizen had actually been getting payments for hours she had actually worked as a personal support providers. She provided 2 different sets of timesheets to payment companies throughout her time in the South Bend area.

Authorities found there were roughly 2,600 hours that overlapped in between the 2 timesheets. Police authorities found Burgess had actually been picked up numerous traffic offenses throughout that timespan. She had actually noted on her timesheets that she had actually been dealing with the very same dates and times that she had actually been stoppeded for traffic infractions.

Collins informed the court Monday early morning that the state was prepared to suggest probation as part of its plea deal. He stated the state desired Burgess to pay back $18,974.45 by the end of the probation term.

Collins stated Burgess had actually abided by the state’s demand to see her tax info for the previous 2 years. He stated her adjusted gross earnings for 2016 was more than the typical family earnings level in Nebraska for that year. He stated he felt that would offer her adequate chance to pay back the financial obligation.

” She has the type of liquidity to make restitution completely,” Collins stated. “Here we have a legal commitment for her to make payments. I think she can make the complete restitution if she is put on probation.”.